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Apostel Dr. Sewdatt Itrajh
Sewdatt and Marijennie Itrajh

With more than three decades of full-time ministry behind him, Apostle Dr. Sewdatt Itrajh is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in Suriname through books, teaching resources and his online ministry.

The author of best sellers such as ‘The inheritance of Honor’, ‘Het erfdeel van Eerbied’, and ‘Leadership skills’, Apostle Dr. Sewdatt is also a highly sought-after conference speaker. He has impacted many lives worldwide by preaching the gospel of Jesus with boldness since 1989.

Apostle Dr. Sewdatt is the founder of De Deur City Church, planted nine churches and now has one pioneer churches under his care. He currently serves as the senior pastor of the church on a voluntary basis.

Pastor Marijennie Itrajh is a devoted wife to Apostle Dr. Sewdatt, and a loving mother to Haggai, Matthew and Colvin. She is a constant source of love and support to Apostle Dr. Sewdatt, and has committed herself to bringing her children up in the ways of the Lord. Her humility, warmth, and genuine love for God and people have led to her counseling and touching many lives. She typifies the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31.

Pastor Jerry Amattaram
Jerry and Marjette Amattaram

Pastor Jerry is one of the pioneer leaders of De Deur City Church. A man who loves God’s work, he has more than 20 years of experience in ministry, having served as a ministry worker since the beginning. He offers counsel to our congregation and has a strong anointing to pray for the sick and broken so that they be made whole by the Lord. He also trains and equips leaders in the church to reach out to and pray for the sick.

Pastor Roberto Marsio
Roberto and Natasha Marsio

Carrying a heart for the Lord and His house, Pastor Roberto has served in various leadership capacities in the church. He now pioneers a church in the district Commewijne. He has mentored many church leaders over the years and continues to raise and guide the next generation, imparting godly wisdom and leading them in the ways of God.

Pastor Gideon Marsio
Pastor Gideon and Meliesa Marsio

Having served in various people-oriented ministries in church down through the years, pastor Gideon believes that a solid relationship with Christ is central to a blessed life and the key to a joyful home. He loves people and has a heart for families to be touched and transformed by God’s love. He assists the senior pastor Sewdatt in providing counsel, and ministers to the congregation, and also shepherds the leaders and volunteers in the church.

Pastor Haggai Itrajh
Haggai Itrajh

Pastor Haggai believes in serving God in any capacity that he has called him to. Having experienced God’s grace and goodness in his life, he wants the same for others. Passionate about God’s word and His people, he is a dynamic, humorous and anointed speaker and teacher.

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